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Frequently Asked Questions

Common queries and answers

Can you transfer a single bag for me?
Yes. We have a minimum charge of 2 bags per day. However if we have other walkers on the same route that day, we may be able to give you a reduction in the daily charge.

What time will my bags be collected and delivered?
Bags need to be ready for collecting from 9.00 am and will be delivered by 5.00 pm. If your bags are not ready the driver may not be able to wait or you may incur an additional charge for waiting time.

Do I need to wait for my bags to be collected?
No. Someone at the accommodation will advise you where to leave your luggage. Then you can get on with your day.

Do you tell my accommodation when you are going to arrive?
We do advise the accommodation provider of our delivery window. It is important that you have advised them that you will be using our service.

Do I need to advise my accommodation that I am using HikeHelp?
Yes, please let them know that we will need access between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. We do visit a lot of accommodation providers in Norfolk on a regular basis, however some may be only visited once a year.

Can I follow my chosen route in either direction?
The routes are priced for the direction mentioned on the walk pages. If you want to walk in the opposite direction this will cost more please contact us for details.

Do you deliver to Airbnb properties?
Yes we can but only if you can confirm with the Airbnb provider that our drivers will have access to drop off and/or pick up your bags between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

What do you mean by one bag?
One bag can be a rucksack, holdall or suitcase that is securely closed and weighs no more than 18kgs.

Can I tie additional items to the outside of my bag?
No, all items must be securely stored inside your bag(s). If extra items are attached to your bags, we will attach a notice requiring you to contact our office to discuss extra charges.

Are there any items that you won't/cannot carry?
We are not insured to carry laptops, tablets, phones, expensive clothing and jewellery, musical instruments, glass, or other breakable items.

Is there a weight limit for our bags?
Yes, the weight limit is a maximum of 18kg for each bag.

What happens if my bag is overweight?
You could be charged for an additional bag. We will attach a notice to your bag requiring you to contact our office regarding extra charges.

Do I need to label my bags?
Yes. Please make sure that the bags are clearly labelled with the name of the person who has made the HikeHelp booking and the HikeHelp booking reference, This will ensure that they can be identified on first pick up. We will then add our own label, which you will need to fill in from day 2 onwards.

How much does it cost?
Bag movements start from £14 per bag per move for walkers. Bag movements for cyclists' routes are quoted on an individual basis due to the greater distance involved.

What happens if I need to make changes to our itinerary or accommodation after I have booked?
Contact us as soon possible to discuss the changes with us. Please call us on 07879 495734 if you are already on your trip.

What happens if I'm unable to continue my walk or cycle because of injury?
If you cancel your trip once you have commenced, please call us immediately on 07879 495734. Unfortunately no refund is available and you would need to make an insurance claim if applicable.

I am not staying the night when I finish the walk, where can I collect my bags?
We do have some options available on our trips. Please contact us for details.

Do I need to take out travel insurance?
We recommend that you purchase insurance to cover baggage cost and contents along with cancellation and curtailment due to illness. Your baggage is insured by us up to £250 per bag while in transit.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
If you need to cancel your booking we will make a refund based on time before the first collection:
- 48 hours or more: 95% of the amount paid;
- Less than 48 hours: no refund.

I have specialist requirements - can you help?
I have lived my whole life in Norfolk and been in Logistics for 30 years. If you have a question, or need help with something a bit different, please call and we'll do our best to help!


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